terminaThe California state is under pressure, with cuts in every possible state budget its governor is figuring out how to improve the situation. It’s latest solution: exterminating all the paper text books on the public system of California and replacing them with free digital textbooks before Fall 2009.

Transforming all text book content, in Internet content for all State students.This step seems like an incredible sign of change among the education system, which has resisted reluctantly to the changes introduced by technology in knowledge consume and usage in youngsters.

Digital Academic content in schools could mean:

Up-to-date information, interactive education and a wider spectrum on the kind of content available (videos, pod cast, e-books).

Arnold Schwarzenegger invited to all software and technology companies to develop, to make the access to digital academic content possible and change how students will study in the future.

Could be the chance for the Kindle’s Amazon and e-books to go mainstream?

Source: http://gov.ca.gov/index.php?/fact-sheet/12455/

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