Written by Hanna Back, May 5th, 2009.

A documentary of ICT4D, an austrian based network for information and communication technologies for development, show us the reality of mobile usage on Africa. See how mobile stops being just a phone and becomes a social development revolution tool on this Newronio Post.

Mobile micro banking in Uganda, SMS violence alerts in Kenya, mobile related business (repair shops, mobile shops, Sim card vending), is some of the things we have seen on Mobile in the less developed countries.

There is no doubt that Mobile can help bring closer the economical gaps, providing information, communication where infrastructure doesn’t not allowed the allocation of regular internet access, computers or telephone lines, in this process innovation and creativity stands, giving use to the mobile in way we never expected.

See the Hello Trailer:

The documentary will be released in May 8th, 2009 on their website http://ict4d.at/.

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