happyAwareness in one of the goals that we try to achieve on all our communication activity. Getting the attention of the potential customer and catch the already very demanded eye of pedestrians has become increasingly difficult. In the last years we have seen that the investments in show room, concept store and in-design have increased and that is thrilling considering that is this point where the consumer decide to become a client.

But how you do it, is a question still to be answered, because is not only having electronic environments, special lighting, music ad-hoc, design chic stunning show windows, or LCDs everywhere, is about giving the visitors a story to tell.

Stories are meant to be told to others, are relevant, have a teaching and are naturally remembered not as a communication action but as a life event, as Tami Tamary from EyeClick: a company devoted to interactive platforms told us, the keys of both good stories and great interactive platforms are to be Eye-Catching, Playful and Informative.

Stories will always have characters that provoke and change the story, this is the part where technology as MotionAware(TM) developed by EyeClick, which detects several subjects and their movements is important, is not only that it moves and shines, but the fact that it reacts makes it an unique event. That is only the start, of course, a good story develops and reveal it self, so forget about technology as a centre of interaction, remember that the quality of the tale is what it makes it memorable.

Good stories are meant to be tell to others, give information that is worth the effort, information empowers people, interactive platforms should too.Remember that these are not other screen that projects images, has real show rooms backing up the information, so don’t repeat something that they already know.

I ask EyeClick on how is the average cost to install one, depends on size, content and display technology with prizes starting from as low as several hundred US dollars per month for interactive shop window, but it seems to be a great investments specially considering that clients of Eyeclick have reported a 25% rise on sales

What story are you telling on your brand’s store?

Special thanks to Tami Tamary from Eyeclick.

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