guitarheroesWhen you are a baby, the toys come from presents of your parents, when you are a kid you get to choose your presents but under your parents budget, when you are a grown up man you have all the freedom if you have the money. So what are the toys that men buy?

The large version of toys:

Of every toy they ever had, they have their real version, the most normal buy is collection cars, the extreme version: Construction gear amusing park, Männerspielplatz, a 18 modules machine park where man can play with bulldozers, Caterpillars, excavator in the outsides of Kassel, Germany.

The toy that you never got:

Remember the letter you send to Santa and he had mistaken the present with a really awful pair of socks or a hideous sweater?. Men overcome the childhood trauma with the best collectables.

Their heaven: Ebay collectibles looking for classic toys as the Atari or the Super Nintendo.

The Peter Pan toys:

The kind of toys that keep the childhood illusion around and that you wouldn’t freely show to any dating prospect.

Guitar hero: so many kids wanted to be a Rock star, but become administrative staff, yet to overcome frustration this is a great game.

For those more in the Epic fantasy: WOW, World of Warcraft: the online toy for those men who prefer to raise a magic sword rather than a beer.

The tech toys:

Gadgets, toys with functionalities: for those with guilt for still buying toys at advanced age.

Gizmodo and Wired are the mecca for these kind of toys. The icon gadgets: Iphone and the PSP.

Can you get any of your grown customers to play with your brand?

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Hanna Back