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The photo tags can be a great way to research consumer perceptions. Tags tells us two things: what the user is seeing and what the user wants to transmit. Knowing the connections allows you to find new unexplored areas for your branding process.


So here in Newronio we create a branding experiment. The experiment: to use image tags to discover consumer insights related to a brand’s value.

The steps:

1. Choose a term related to one of your brand’s value. For our experiment we chose Dove and Confidence as the value.

Search the term in one of this site:

www.compfight.com a search engine on Flickr  database with CC permission pictures.

The Results: Aha!…they are very different from any Getty image result  isn’t it?

2. Select some photos and see the other tags related, put them together as we did.

Tags after being categorized.

Tags after being categorized.

3.Identify concepts and statements within the tags. (we found two: light blue/orange)

4.  Make a collage of the images, now you have a visual map, pick  one photograph that presents the largest number of tags related to your brand’s value and go to the next stage of the experiment.

Next stage:

From the photo you’ve chosen, create a color theme, on Kuler’s adobe website.

This is our Dove/confidence/color theme:


Now you have a color theme and a visual map  which can help you create and reinforce brand’s value based on the symbolic connections that real people already are using.

Do you want to see our results of this experiment? Click here, also available for download.

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Hanna Back 14 de abril às 13:00h