cellphones1For those who believe that mobile is the perfect media, the wait has been more than long.

Even though mobiles have increased their growth in the advertising budget it hasn’t been the frenzy that most advertisers and communication people were expecting.

By Hanna Back.

What is happening that makes mobile advertising not really happen?

  1. User information is private or reserved to mobile operators, without that information,  is difficult to achieve segmentation and the right users without a database and if the advertising is not absolutely customized to the user who receives it , we are forgetting the main reason why we use mobile as media in the first place. So someone has to give or work for the info and make it available.
  2. Platforms and mobiles software are different for each carrier and mobile device producer, so every campaign and apps must be adapted which elevate the cost and we are on a “cost per contact” industry. Currently being work on it (remember Symbian?)
  3. The chain of access is hard: agencies, developers, integrators, operators, and they all want some piece of the business.

Even if the mobile has not displayed all its potential yet, there are some indicator on how to get mobile ads right.

-Display exactly what is all about , remember that you are competing with the next call or SMS. This happen specially on Banner ads where you don’t know what the click is going to.*

-Create engagement experience, a really good example is the Eagle Eye Freefall. Use all the resources on the mobile in that purpose (GPS, SMS, MMS, Voice, Camara, 3G). Give something of value.

-Identify the commuting moments and the range of moments where you ad or app can get full attention or better reception from the user, don’t bug them at 8 in the morning with a voice message, it is ABSURD!.

-Get your segmentation from online media,  deliver in mobile, using for example the click for call applications.

-If you fell for the Appvertising syndrome, an analytics company found out that only 20% of users use the free apps on the iPhone after the first day**…boomer, but you can get better chances if your app is truly useful as a service or truly addictive, and not, a bigger logo is not addictive, unless you are the brand manager. Become a MEME to get better chances.

-K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple st*pid)

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*Exposure 2, ORANGE UK, 2009.