doodle barHanna Back, 15 de Junio, 2009.

Not everything is online and that is a good thing to remind when you are thinking on inviting your customers or potential to join in engaging experiences. The recently opened Doodle Bar surprise with their invitation.

The Doodle Bar located in Battersea, London, created a space that invites everybody to be part of something new: all the walls,waiters and furniture are white and they act as drawing surface. Any design, any message, all surfaces, giving the chance to people to customize their bar and create their own visual experience.

The original idea is from the illustrator Serge Seidlitz, which has developed pieces for MTV

This Bar follows the rules of great engagement experience:

-Give freedom

-Make it fun

-Give something back (a space, a story to tell)

-Give everyone a role.


Let’s tweet: @Hannaisback@newronioespm

Hanna Back