crisisBy Hanna Back, May 4th 2009.

President Lula said: “The commerce has increased. the commerce has not diminished in Brasil. People are buying” in his program  on April 27, 2009 . So Newronio went checking on the internet what was happening, using Google Insights tool.

After talking to several teachers in the ESPM, about the crisis, i had the strange feeling that there was no crisis in Brasil. So i had to checked on something more reliable that news, the tool used was Google insights with several keywords chosen to measure consumer behavior change in the last 12 months in Brazilian searches.

Brands are status and class symbols in Brasil and even under crisis signs people will not give up on them. Specially when they are the first contact with premium goods, that is the case of lower classes as C and D. How are they translate their need to purchase brands under crisis times?. I chose two keywords: Outlet and Cupon desconto:

Notice that most of the peaks happens in the last quarter of the year, but in 2009 the search has strongly sticked.


screenshot_001One interesting thing is that on related searches appear brands as: TNG, ADIDAS, PUMA, NIKE, FNAC, SUBMARINO. Proving there is a resistance on leaving brands and promotions and discounts has been used by users to avoid doing that.

What about shopping?

Brazilian have increased their searches on Shopping mall information, having the highest peak on searches this last month.


and with the high searches on Credit cards we must assume that there are taking everything on divided payments, which tells us that the non-crisis state of Brasil is on credit by stores such as Casas Bahía and Banks.


What do you think? Will crisis be greater than the Class D purchasing on credit cards?

Samples from April 27th to May 4th.

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