From the great Hugh Mcleod (

From the great Hugh Mcleod (

Have any of your clients ask you to make their brand more: “social”, “collaborative”, “2.0”?. Have they followed the question with the words: Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Twitter, MSN? Did you tried to escape and run afterwards?. Newronio collected 5 tips to make your social marketing plan more social.

If you are on the social media marketing arena, you know that most clients understands social media/social networks as regular media with a integrated WOM system and metrics= database  dream, that is simply WRONG.

And because i am a  social media user and i really hate when a brand goes wrong, i collected some  tips for social media marketing “friendly” planning.

1. Brands are not PEOPLE!: You better choose a real person, character with a real voice to have a presence for your brand. I don’t want be a friend of a brand logo or product…i would NEVER invite a can of Nutella to support me on my cause.

2. Don’t be needy!: Could you like someone… who spam your mail, sends you that horrible chain mail with awful ppt and serif typography, invite you to talk about her/himself when you are busy,  ask you favors and never is there when you need it? …I wouldn’t and i wouldn’t accept it from a brand either. Make your brand useful, likable with common sense and charm.

3. Talk and do as people: “Dear Friend, i would like you to participate in my event, which will take place on my house, but register on my website first” doesn’t sound very friendly does it?

4. Friendship is a long process: Hey brand! i will not present you with my friends before i am sure you are cool, being pushy is not cool by the way. Gaining trust is a step by step process. Be sure you are a giver before being a taker.

5. Learn how to hold a talk: Don’t wait for your turn to speak, listen first. Show real interest and be willing to be changed by the conversation, no one likes to talk to a wall.

Some reality checks in social media:

Not everyone is going to like you (you shouldn’t try to either).

Social skills are required, even for brands.

“All control is damage control” said by the great Hugh McLeod.

Hanna Back on April 24, 2009.

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